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Cartoon Punch: A Daily Single Panel Comic

Cartoon Punch features comic cartoons that are live wires to pop up some humor through anthropomorphic presentations by me, Sneha. The shared illustrations and puns aim to collect your smiles, laughs and sometimes “Huh?!” by mind boggling ideas, concepts and emotions. Here every image incorporates a story which is told by a poem or a fun- article.

There are hundreds of spine-tingling moments that tout for widening our lips with a smile or laugh, but they get ignorance. To lift that humor side up and making you notice them all, I have tried to make a tiny world of cartoons. Here, you will see all those things alive that coexist with us silently like plants, veggies, objects, tools, etc. Feel the liveliness of humor around you and enjoy uniquely different approach to our surrounding!

Let my tiny cartoon world get space in your world!
Let those humorous cartoon colors dissolve in your life water!
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The biggest inspiration behind Cartoon Punch is our everyday actions, talks, activities and moments which spark ideas for my cartoons. Every object that we encounter, involves a story; we just need to think different, think free and simple.

The origin, innovation and base of any of my cartoon lays in the Tagline of Cartoon Punch, “Dare to think different”. Just a little observation, different way of thinking, fresh approach, deeper inspection and then a long dive into colors, and my cartoons get ready to meet you for telling their unique story.


I thank to my parents from the deepest core of my heart, who allowed me to fly like a free bird and supported even in my foolish decisions.

I’ll always remain indebted to my mom who purchased my life’s first water-color box and spent hours with me, holding my hands to make my shaky curves smooth on drawing papers.

I also owe my friends and supporters who have been helping and supporting me. Thanks to those who have ever shared, promoted or supported my art and me in past, and to those who will in future!

Hope you are enjoying exploring more at my Cartoon Channel!

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