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1st April: Fool Day Celebrating Monkeys!
Illustration:Three monkey friends set to celebrate Fool's Day on 1st April.

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Lady Finger
Illustration: A lady-like Lady finger is walking the ramp of a beautiful farm in spotlight of sun raises!

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Paper Weight
Illustration: A dog-tired paper holding weight in hands in backyard!

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Glass Door
Illustration: A glass of water has a door of glass!

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Floppy Disk
Illustration: A floppy disk in which many floppy girls and guys are dancing on music mixed by VJ!

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Playing Myself: A Drum on Inside Drummer's Beat!
Illustration: Mr. Drum playing itself!

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Cat Eye Glasses
Illustration: A cat eye glasses lover!

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Sleeper Cells!
Illustration:A cartoon illustration of sleeper shoe with yawning expression and a lens is zooming out its tiny cells!

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Cartoon Punch: Dare to Think Different!
Cartoon Punch: Dare to think different with cartoonpunch! (Logo icon)

Hello everyone, it’s me with some puns that are witty yet stupid,
What you will get here is single panel comic!

The idea is to think uniquely different,
It’s a cartoon channel for all, not only for kid!

Here you will see all those things alive,
Which coexist with you silently,
But never in between dive!

The plants, objects, veggies and tools,
Will turn alive and make your mood cool!

I have made them for you with deeper inspection,
And designed to bring joys, with minute observation!

To give them the final look and fill some glory,
My cartoons have dived into colors,
To tell you their unique story!

Some will find it too silly and like to blow their lid,
Thank God I am not on stage, but in orchestra pit!

Some will find it humorous, some will half-wit,
Dare to think different!
To enjoy the whole or a little bit!

It aims to collect your laughs and smiles!
And sometimes that “Huh?”!
It craves to fill some humor in your lives,
Through sharing the cartoons and poetic files!

Feel the liveliness of humor around thee,
It takes nothing to smile;
This healthy dose is absolutely free!

Every article will leave you with a funny roach!
To make you see your surroundings,
With a whole new approach!

Enjoy the mind boggling ideas, concepts and the emotions!
Relish all the brainy and some silly portions!

Here you are all the anthropomorphic cartoons in bunch!
Hope you will cherish couple of Cartoon Punch!


18 articles

Different Type of Cartoons...
All Pins: A Piece of Rhyme

Sewing pin, paper pin, bobby pin or clothes pin,
There is some significance and rationale behind the invention of all pins!
The same way we all are designed by the almighty!
We all are important and it is regardless to consider a group ‘high and mighty’!

This may be ambiguous to understand- the system of this universe,
And the manufacturing empire of humans!
Yet at the same time, they both are beautiful- the existent and its systems!
It is always fun to observe different traditions, lifestyles and customs!

After all we feel the same way; we share the same kind of sentiments!
Don’t we all ultimately just seek happiness and love in life?
Don’t we all want to be around our parents, kids and wife?

I wonder why people judge others from their clothes, colors or the God they believe in!
Don’t all the holy books guide that God is one and he has created we all…
And we all need to love and help each other with a genuine broad grin?

God has created humans, the way we invented different pins!
Humans look different in appearance, features, colors, skills and jobs!
So look the different colored pins; you can’t put any of them at bottom or top!

They all are imperative and we like them as they are helpful to us!
Their usefulness makes them beautiful, not the way they look!
Be kind and useful to others, if you also want your almighty to keep you in his good book!

Leave hatred, rage and ignorance,
Spread love, harmony and help the needy creature,
Don't forget to watch your actions in the name of your creator!

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