Hanging Clothes!

The nature does a laundry with all and sundry!
We think its ruining all our plans and whatever we try!
The fact is nature washes us for cleaning,
And for brightening, it hangs us to dry!

Hanging Clothes cartoon illustration by Sneha: Clothes hanging girl on wire
Hanging Clothes!
Illustration:Clothes hanging girl on wire on the roof in sunlight!

Hanging Clothes!

The planning, plotting of others, and every day events,
Break and shatter us, leaving with ugly dents!

Those targets on us hurt like arrows!
It often makes us faint,
Our heart feels pain, scratches and sorrows!

It becomes like a bulb that dims, and then glows…
Again dims and glows!
There are several things in it!
With all of them, it fluctuates and flows!

This is how the nature has designed us!
It has not made us like a strong metal or iron,
That gets on its surface, several patches of rust!

What changes our surface gets are,
Just behavioral, that too with a mask!
What flows inside is greater!
We hide everything within from mass!

Is it negative?
Is it unproductive?

If you realize the facts and nature, then you will say ‘Nah’!
It polishes us as a human, how mysteriously, ah!

Whatever dirt we get by the outer world,
Over the time we understand that as a part of human behaviors,
And let the matter and grudges get furled!

It is supposed to be so also!
Before the grudges take the form of a fatso!
The more we go through, the better becomes our understanding,
With nature of universe and nature of others!
The whole experience makes us strong, strengthening us for crash-landing!

It’s kind of the same what we do with our laundry!
We expose ourselves to the world, wearing the clean-soul clothes!
People out there don’t let us live with an original soul that is free and pure!

When we come home, our attires get clung with the patches and the dust!
We shed some dirt, wash all the mud, but leave on time the rust! That red mark doesn’t vanish! Over the time after multiple washes, the nature helps to banish!

The procedure goes on, so the time machine!
We wash laundry, nature washes us!
For drying and reuse, we droop our washed attires,
Just like those hanging clothes,
The nature hangs us on our life's wire!


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