Toothpaste Tube Cap!

Something to wear on head is always special for a wearer!
Regardless the one dons it for fashion, pride or during the prayer!

Toothpaste Tube Cap cartoon illustration by sneha: A happy tooth paste tube is showing its cap with pride
Toothpaste Tube Cap!
Illustration:A happy toothpaste cartoon flaunting its cap with smile and pride in magician's pose!

Toothpaste Tube Cap!

It’s hat, helmet, cap, scarf, turban or a piece of cloth!
People carry it with great charm, and never with loathe!

When you go on a journey, a hat saves you from the sunburn!
You weigh it on your head; it protects your skin in return!

When you wear a helmet, made of a tough, hard shell!
You might not like its heavy weight on head!
Yet it’s important as it provides you security while any uncertain mishap!

If it is a scarf that you are donning in winters, regardless it has which hues,
It strengthens you for fighting with all the winter blues!

Those who don a turban, it symbolizes their pride!
Some wear it as the blessings of their ancestors!
They revere it as a traditional ritual that works as their protectors!

There are people who cover heads with different styles of cloth wraps as per the occasion!
It comes up as an amazing amalgamation of carrying forward the tradition with fashion!

From an Indian bride to Indian groom!
It has its significance that can’t be ignored!
Without its mention, a wedding can’t be assumed!

Whatever is the reason!
It is the fashion or tradition!
Head-covers have a different place in complete attire!
Its fashion never goes, it can never retire!

One can has to pay great prize if disrespects it!
Whatever remains the reason of donning it,
We love it, revere it and feel perked up with it!

Somehow the same story shares a toothpaste tube cap!
Look at the image, how proudly it is showcasing its red plastic wrap!
How happy and blissful is its expression!
Oh, this toothpaste tube-cap!


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