Boxing Gloves: Cartoon Punch!

We think that in a boxing ring,
There are only two men who fight!
We forget about two more sufferers,
Who also face those all punches that hit pretty strongly and tight!

boxing gloves cartoon punch illustration by sneha
Boxing Gloves!
Illustration: Two angry boxing gloves set to fight and attack each other!

Boxing Gloves!

They do their job silently!
You will never hear from them, the sound of crunch!
Here you are they…presenting them to you at Cartoon Punch!

When a fighting man targets another fighter,
These two also target each other, assuming them not less than a grinder!

They target the bones; they are amazingly splendid hard nuts!
What harm them are not those bone-crushes,
It’s painful to them when their stuff gets cuts!

Though they also suffer during each and every punch,
But they are not at all demanding; they don’t ask for even lunch!

They also pray for their wellbeing; they also crave for their win!
Some have leather, some plastic and some own mixed kind of skin!
They also state much about fashion with their style and texture!
They are very much supporting in giving an opponent those painful fractures!

The wrinkles in their stuff show how rigorous they feel inside!
They also enter in ring with aggression, passion and sweat that sparkles bright!

You might not see their expressions, but can sense that gnashing of their teeth!
They both cover and protect those palms that are beautifully used in the process of greet!

I hope you now know whom I am talking about!
They speak in language of force, which doesn’t sound like a harsh shriek or shout!

Yes they are the ‘Boxing Gloves’,
Whom every boxer madly loves!

So as those who fight in it are not just two men who fight like two warriors or kings!
Next time when you witness a fight, don’t forget to appraise those two too in the rings!


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