Looking Out!

“Looking out” word is used in many references!
One of them is "being careful" about whatever is happening around!
Other is "checking out" someone, which can put you into trouble,
And sometimes can also make you the talk of town!

Looking Out cartoon illustration of flowers in garden by sneha
Looking Out!
Illustration: A flower looking out for another flower out of its vase in the garden!

Looking Out!

Where being careful might include the feelings of care, love, awareness, and dedication,
Checking out includes the sense of annoyance, anger, hatred and irritation!

Some look out for getting special one’s glance!
Some find it annoying when someone tries to look out in search of a chance!

It’s about glance or in search of a chance,
Boys never miss this opportunity!
They are from India, America or from France!

What do they get in this, a girl can never understand!
They never get an answer of why boys try to make the most of every circumstance!

It is fun; it is enjoyment; it is pleasure; but it is weird too!
It can make you smile; it can give you a very tough look too!

Our eyes also have its attributes and traits!
Some eyes look gleaming; some looks like smiling;
Some seems like they are trying to threat!

But one can only guess about the eyes,
You can’t be sure about what goes inside them,
However dedicated are your tries!

It’s tough to imagine the intention,
Whenever you find someone looking out!
You are right or wrong; this always remains under a doubt!

Anyway, it’s good to relax, take a sigh and walk on your way without worrying much!
After all they are the eyes, the delicate buttons which you can’t clutch!

So it’s better to take them with ease!
Even when you find them freeze!

Just snap twice and move ahead!
Smile once and never get afraid!

By making things difficult, don’t make your life road rough!
Life is simple, don’t make in tough!


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