Wall Street Breaking News!

Wall Street!
An eight-block long way,
From South Street to Broadway!

Wall Street Breaking News cartoon illustration by sneha
Wall Street Breaking News!
Illustration: A wall and street with breaks in it!

At East River of Lower Manhattan,
This is an amazing New York City’s location!

It’s famous for being the Financial District of the city!
Over the time it has got a link with American financial services industry!

Wall Street anchored New York as one of the most powerful city!
It also made that the financial center of the world, which is too strong economically!
Though no financial firm is located here physically!

This is the abode for two largest stock exchanges,
Which are NASDAQ and New York Stock Exchange!
There are many headquarters too, in Wall Street’s range!

However street is a street that can break!
After all its elements have an age which can over the time decay!

Once such news got published and shocked everyone!
When people watched the headlines titled “Wall Street Breaking News”!
It was not less than a drama and too obvious to get confused!

Some associated it with financials and economy!
Some got ready with their spectacles for a detailed anatomy!

After checking the status and the real news!
People took a sigh and changed their views!

Actually it was not about financials or the stock exchange!
It was just a chaos which had created due to a circumstance!

The news was about the street, the road belonging to that way!
Which had broken due to heavy rain!
The event was an ordinary, belonging to life of everyday!
Once again Wall Street came in limelight and became the talk of town!
Some took it lightly, some showed how to frown!

Life is amazing, full of turmoil and drama!
No scientist could solve this puzzle!
Despite having command on all the formulas and alpha, beta, gamma!


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