Dr. Octopus!

A doctor serves the patient without any relation!
A patient can’t avoid a doctor, despite feeling reluctant!
Very strange is this relationship of a doctor and patient!

Dr. Octopus cartoon illustration by sneha
Dr. Octopus!
Illustration: Colorful Dr. Octopus!

Dr. Octopus!

Some call doctor the God!
Some find him fraud!

However people go to doctors with a great faith!
Those too who don’t like them, despite their wrath!

When someone becomes patient, who carries a disease or disorder,
He rushes to the hospital for finding hopes in the doctor!

That time he reaches to him with great belief!
That he is the only one who can give him relief!

The doctor’s professional dress and positive response!
That smile and confidence is their greatest epitome!
We rely on their studies and hard work that gave them the doctor’s white coat!
Their experience adds to it, making them someone who can be trusted a lot!

It’s not about just money or our other big-small belongings after all!
It’s the matter of life that we get once, and can’t afford loosing it at all!

We eat what they recommend, we do what they say!
We purchase the suggested medicines, seeing them as the only hopeful ray!

We follow their every direction, taking that as an order,
We give them blessings and thank a lot later,
After getting well and recovering from the disease or disorder!

If comparison is being done with such a life saver!
There is no profession in this whole world, which can be said greater!
Who wouldn’t respect a person who is called a doctor!

This is a poem which a Fish aunt was sharing with some kids while doing her chore!
It was about Dr. Octopus who was the only saver in their region and used to live near the seashore!


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