Morning Exercise Time!

Some do yoga in morning, and some meditate!
Grownups understand the significance of exercise,
But kids take it as an activity which irritates!

Morning Exercise Time: Cartoon illustration of sad broom by sneha
Morning Exercise Time!
Illustration: A broom in backyard garden getting sad by seeing Sun and saying, "Whenever this sun appears, humans make me do exercise!"

Morning Exercise Time!

How do you take morning exercise time?
Like a torture, as a ritual, or consider it as something prime?

People take their morning motivation for exercise from mirror!
But ah early mornings and their sweet sleeps!
Exercising looks like Hitler that time, which strike terror!

The motivation evaporates in minutes for that sleep!
We don’t wake up and pull blanket on face,
Without thinking of results which that sleep makes us reap!

Still the spirits don’t die!
Every next day, they take a new fly!

We go for shopping to buy track suits!
And also a pair of stylish sports shoes!

Some add a sports band too!
However neither an alarm works in front of that sleep,
Nor cock-a-doodle-doo!

This is how we struggle hard!
Without noticing about a companion that resides often in your back-yard!

Every day it thinks of you, with a long face saying ‘damn’!
It feels pity about itself as it can’t be on the lam!

Whenever the sun appears,
We humans make it do exercise!
And it has to perform without any excuse,
It can’t escape however hard it tries!

Are you unable to recognize, whom you send to doom?
It is none other than your cleaning stick that is known as a broom!

It works as per your schedule,
Without consuming any food or fuel!

Whole day it gets bored and yawns in the lawn!
Sometimes it talks to flowers and grass,
Otherwise it rests with its every bone!
Still it enjoys its lazy hours and loves its comfort zone!

When morning comes,
Like us, it also closes its ear drums,
For saving its sleep from breaking because of noise!
But when we go to pick it for cleaning,
It doesn’t get any choice!

What remains left for it is just doing its job!
And complaining to God,
“Why you have made morning exercise time?”
“Why I have to mop?”


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