Milk Bath of Breads!

There is a drink which is full of calcium and proteins,
It is the only food of infant and very important for teens!

Milk Bath of Bread illustration: cartoon by sneha
Milk Bath of Bread!
Illustration: A bread about to get dipped in milk saying happily, "It's time to take a bath!"
Other breads on plate dancing and saying, "Hey, Mr. Brown Bread is taking bath!"

Milk Bath of Breads!

Its color it a hue of white!
Those kids who refuse to drink it,
Their mums scold them tight!

It resides in a container,
People drink it in a cup or glass!
Kids should drink it every morning and in night,
If they want to perform well in the class!

If you couldn’t recognize this, let me tell you its name!
It is known as Milk!
Its benefits make it claim to fame!

Everyone knows it is an important element of daily diet!
If you are ignoring such a drink full of nutrients,
You need to research on it, and get yourself right!

Before drinking or serving, don’t forget to boil it;
Otherwise it will be of no use!
No one would like to drink such milk, the glass will be refused!

It is taken with sugar, never with the salt!
You can’t afford ignoring it!
Whether you love to drink or don’t like it at all!

Some dip the corn flex in it,
Some like to drink it plain!
Some love to drink tea or coffee made of milk,
Some drink it to refuel and recover from an unwanted energy drain!

Some make pudding with it,
Some love to prepare sevaiyaan, looking like threads!
Some take a light dalia with it,
Some love to eat one or two breads!

You can heat the bread with butter or can also grill!
Some take competition of finishing the glass fast!
Oh, this is also a different kind of thrill!

Where our clocks say go and take the milk and bread as it is breakfast time!
Breads celebrate the same moment on plate, enjoying it as a bathing time!

The milk bath of breads goes indeed richer when there is saffron too!
Who wouldn’t like this regal ceremony? Yoo-hoo!


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