Mobile Overcharge!

Mobile without charger is like a torch without cells!
No one can afford its absence; we are so addicted of its notifying bells!

Mobile overcharge cartoon illustration by sneha
Mobile Overcharge!
Illustration: A mobile device in shock due to battery overcharge!

Mobile Overcharge!

Though a charger has been an underestimated tool!
Yet it keeps realizing us its importance time-to-time,
Ignoring it might become the reason of losing your cool!

Especially when you are on an online official call!
Or when you are going out of your house!
Or when you have to make an urgent call to your spouse!

A battery can play a vital role in several severe situations!
It can become the prime reason of your headache and irritation!

Many of us leave our mobiles on charging and forget to switch it off on time!
What to do, we live overloaded with so many commitments which are imperative and prime!

Over the time our neglecting attitude affects the battery performance!
Its life no more remains the same way!
Still we can’t help it while giving it ignorance!

We plug our cell phone on charge in night and sleep!
This affects the battery adversely!
Repeating the same indeed affects pretty steep!

However many of us care about our devices and belongings,
We deal with them sophisticatedly,
We remain concerned about it and never let it get charged overly!

We say to all our family members to take care of overcharging issue!
We say them to unplug whenever, whosoever sees it!
As if it is a kid; this is how we treat it!

Some set an alarm too,
Some try to work nearby,
Some are so addicted that they stick to it like glue!

It does not give that much pain when they spend money on mobile recharge!
But it does hurt from the core of heart when they see 100% battery indicating ‘Mobile Overcharge’!


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