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Thirka De...Beat Pe Booty!

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Thirka De...Beat Pe Booty! Bird singing Bollywood song cartoon illustration by sneha
Thirka De...Beat Pe Booty!
Illustration: Bird singing a pappy Bollywood song featuring Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor in Baghi movie!

Thirka De...Beat Pe Booty!

Forget the worries,
Forget the tension!
If problems come,
Don’t give them attention!

Live with the mood of happiness and joys!
Don’t entertain sorrows,
They are just bitter foes!

Find the pleasures in food and nature!
Party every evening,
It will not reduce your stature!

Sing only happy songs, whatever beat life offers!
This will repair and refresh your damaged mind,
Working as a roofer!

When your upper floor will have no issues,
You will realize the beauty of life,
And your body will become a hub of joyous tissues!

All guys are girls,
Enjoy all the swirls!
Welcome the life with wide open arms!
Say no to sadness! Say no to furls!

Listen loud music, it is bass or a pop!
Don’t forget to enjoy,
There is no point to mope!

When night turns darker!
And you lose sparkles!
Never leave hope!
Maintain calm in top!

Plug in the earphones,
Don’t listen to any sad tones!

In hands you have a file or perfume,
Or spoon or broom!
Never miss a beat!
Never miss a treat!

Share the musical joy with everyone around thee!
It has no cost to pay, it is absolutely free!

Be like a bird, sing every morning!
Smile, love and live to laugh!
Play cricket, chess or footy!
Every so often, give others toothy!

Thirka de…
Beat Pe Booty!
Beat Pe Booty!
Beat Pe Booty!


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