Let's Do Not Support Colorism or Racism!

The debate of white Vs brown!
Heated up more when two breads fought for crown!
Who is preferred, who is best,
These questions became the talk of town!

Let's Do Not Support Colorism or Racism! Illustration by cartoonist sneha
Let's Do Not Support Colorism or Racism!
Illustration:White bread and brown bread arguing on who is best!

Let's Do Not Support Colorism or Racism!

One said I am white, so I am first!
One said I am brown, so what? You can’t beat me in cut and thrust!

The live argument went to next level!
This time they put their views on taste and flavor!

One said I am soft, another said I am healthy!
The fight started producing too many flames,
And the entire atmosphere became worst and filthy!

White bread said it comparatively less in price!
In the rate of 2 packets of brown bread,
The white ones can be bought thrice!

Brown bread reminded the thumb rule and said
Dark colored foods are rich in nutrients!
So humans will prefer brown bread finding it ace!

What a race, what a race!
The never ending discussions and endless chase!

Who is the winner in nutrients and taste?
Finding the answer is tough,
It’s not an easy decision to make!

In between a question arises!
How does it matter who is first, who is second in number!
Would this affect the decision of a consumer?

Before being on number one or two,
They both are the eating food!
Before thinking of their color,
People remember them both as just the bread!
They both satiate the human hunger,
This makes them the pearls of one thread!

What makes them one family is their taste, texture and satiating capability!
Doesn’t matter the color, brown or white!
They both have their importance and they both have the same buying probability!

For a person who wants to curb hunger and for that trolls,
It doesn’t matter the color, it is just a food, bread of floor or bread rolls!
He will be happy seeing both, whatever comes in his fortune, however way it falls!


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