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Face Pack!

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Face Pack girl cartoon illustration by sneha: A girl's face is packed of a shopping bag!
Face Pack!
Illustration: A girl with face packed of shopping bag!

Face Pack!

A girl is always conscious about her look, attires and make up!
Doesn’t matter it’s a party, shopping, or she has just woke up!

You will always see the best of her wardrobe and best of her hairstyle!
These girls have amazing stamina of walking in heals a mile!

They know the art of wearing the pain,
With grace, glory and magnificence!
Hats off to them,
They are the real gem!

Lipstick, kohl, blush and foundation!
These are their weapons,
Who make them grab all attention!

Trapping them is pretty tricky,
They know how to spoil,
What guys call an opportunity!

There is only one moment when you get to see a funny side of their grace!
It’s the time when they apply a face-pack on their face!

The chase of beauty makes them look like a ghost!
If you want to blackmail them, it’s time to make the most!
Their photo with face pack can become your sharpest tool!
If you get one such image, you get power of scooping the pool!

And endless teasing is your additional prize!
On behalf of this pic, you can also ask for a treat of French fries!

However, thanks to the idea of enhancing beauty through face pack!
Make up cannot take all the credits; face pack has also a special place in rack!

The elegance, poise and sparkling grace!
It gives everything, from glowing skin to spotless face!

Earlier they were made of multani soil or gram flour!
Females used to apply them while performing the chore!

Now they are not just house wives,
They are working women now,
They also hold pens with knives!

Their busy schedule doesn’t give them enough time to pamper!
So they need to head out of home, for their personal care!
Still they manage to maintain every job,
Multitasking is their inborn flair!

Herbal, natural or artificial!
Girls give a try to all,
Considering them as important and radical!

No makeup is complete without face pack application!
But beware if you have a sensitive skin,
Some of them might give you irritation!

On this note,
Stay safe from mote!
Don’t forget to enjoy the splendid,
And glorifying ride of beauty boat!


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