Ah, This Hair Fall!

Hair braid, hair bun, and different styles of hairdo!
Can make anyone the talk of town over the night,
It’s joyous to receive good reviews about you!

Hair fall of broom cartoon illustration by sneha with caption 'Ah, This Hair Fall!'
Ah, This Hair Fall!
Illustration:A broom in courtyard in shock seeing the hair fall on floor!

Ah, This Hair Fall!

Various types of hair plaits' creation,
Is not less than an epitome of artistic representation!

It’s not a thing, which you will find!
It requires the trick,
It takes both, the skill and the mind!

It’s messy or a clean hair bun,
Flaunting it at any occasion,
Gives you a great fun!

Females go for blunt, step, feather or mixed style of haircuts!
Trying a new style asks for a lot of guts!

But those who like to make an open hair’s hairdo,
They get ready for experiments with new looks too!

It’s blissful to take comments and views about your new appearance!
It feels as if you have got the license to flaunt and prance!

Gone are the days when it was an area for only females!
Guys also pay attention on their hairstyles these days!

Nowadays, they don’t like just the sports, music and travelling on bikes,
They equally adore their hairs with spikes!

Different kind of oils and jelly like gels!
Have increased the cosmetic shop’s sales!

An important element of adornment!
Can’t be taken from someone on rent!

This makes them precious!
And why not?!
They make one glorious!

So why one will not feel possessive about them?
They are important part of personality!
They are more valuable than a pearl or any gem!

Seeing them leaving your head is like a nightmare!
That time you feel helpless thinking,
How to stop this hair fall, how to give them extra care!

It feels that without them, you can’t walk tall!
After all,
Who likes the season of fall?

You feel exasperated about the situation,
You ask for remedies while meeting close ones and on phone call!
How to get rid of this hair fall!
Ah, I hate this hair fall!


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