So many things to remember,
For one and only tinny brain chamber!

Puzzled cartoon illustration by Sneha: Man saying to girl, 'I am puzzled'!
Illustration:A girl asks to a man, "Hey, What happened to you?". The man replies, "I am puzzled."

I Am Puzzled!

The times of meetings and several events!
It is brain who keeps them all safe, without any dents!

Past, present and future tension,
Every time, everywhere,
This brain is supposed to pay all the attention!
It works like nonstop express train,
Without any credit, without a special mention!

It gives directions to the body,
Where to walk, what to eat,
How to behave, when to sleep!

This keeps tracks of all our activities,
It also has the skills of making strategies!
It keeps us going and alarms about our priorities!

Its durability is everlasting!
Our daily schedule to future forecasting,
It can do everything, it is superb at multitasking!

The more you use it, the sharper it becomes!
No rules apply on this machine!
It walks on its own terms and conditions!

When we want to store something!
It becomes a memory card to save everything!

When we get nothing to do in our leisure hours,
It offers the sweet fragrance of beautiful memory flowers!

It stores all the events separated in its shelves!
Oh it manages them so systematically! It never makes you delve!

The only drawback of this splendid personal room!
It can flash both happy and sad incidents any time,
And in seconds can send you to both happiness and gloom!

This brain has no feature of hide or delete!
But yes, it understand the good or bad,
It is intelligent enough to discrete!

It rules the body and gets ruled by us!
It remains cool and calm in happy states!
In annoyance, it also heats in fuss!

The performance of a brain get affected by the mood,
And sometimes depends on what we eat as our food!

When it gets loaded with too strong flow of thoughts!
It feels messed, as if inside it is feeling the riots!

This is the only time when it refuses to work normal!
It doesn’t even see you are in casual or in formal!
In such a case, without caring about situation or place,
It can make you behave weird and abnormal!

This is the time when it drops its witty weapons!
And when someone asks,
Hey, what happened?!

Without opening the inside mess out!
It just says few words about its doubts!

Life itself is a hurdle!
Not less than a riddle!
It’s as difficult as swallowing something frizzled!
Ah, I am puzzled! Ah, I am puzzled!


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