Sizzling Chemistry!

Sizzling chemistry lab,
Look absolutely fab,
Witnessing exhausted boys and girls,
With their passion and sweat drops like pearls!

Sizzling chemistry cartoon illustration by sneha: Hot testubes and flasks on burners
Sizzling Chemistry!
Illustration: Chemicals boiling in flasks and testubes, sizzling on burners

Sizzling Chemistry in Laboratory

The bubbles of H2So4,
And reactions sizzling in testube’s core!

The fascination of theoretical articles,
And obsession of smoking chemicals!
Every second mounts the threat,
The fear of failure increases the fret!

Burners, testubes, chemicals and flasks!
Just theories are not enough to complete the task!

You need a courageous heart,
It's not enough to just perform the actions!
You need to keep a sharp eye on the apparatus!
For understanding the chemical reactions!

Who doesn’t shrink the eyes while working with Sodium?
Who doesn’t remember the beloved ones or guardian?

Oxidized iron stands,
Girls with hair tied in bands!
Aprons on every cloth,
To save yourself from the liquids about to froth!

No careless attempt is allowed,
Any moment, any event can sprout!

Every third book is found burnt in the rows,
You can’t get rid of being on your toes!

The shelves are loaded with cheering glass bottles,
You can need any one of them!
Every person next to you, seems utterly full-frontal!

Every breeze dispatches the smell bundles,
Whenever it passes by you!
People, who can take it easy, are very few!

Every chemical has some unique characteristics!
It’s not a piece of cake… to gather the correct statistics!
Every task from laboratory tests to understanding the chemical’s unique story!
Dealing with all of them is not less than tasting the triumphant victory!

Building this special relation with science is not a snap of work,
The way to achieving a title in this field is full of bumpy jerks!

So gutsy are they few who keep going to reach such accomplishment!
Fortunate are they few who get to sense the pleasure of achievement!

There is only one or two in lacs, who get the title of a scientist,
It is an amazing experience, to mark your name in a golden list!

Oh it’s not less than attaching with you a permanent glory!
They are very few in numbers who dare to stay till making a history!

Hats off to their efforts, hats off to their inbuilt courageous factory!
After all it takes the entire life to maintain a bonding with the chemicals,
And build such smoking hot, sizzling chemistry!


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