Mobile Phone!

Mobile Phone cartoon illustration by Sneha: mobile about to call on basic landline phone
Mobile Phone!
Illustration: A mobile set to call through another basic phone!

Mobile Phone's Addiction!

Gone are the days of letters and ink pots.
Now messages travel in seconds…
From one's outbox to other's inbox!

Earlier the letter sending task was on…
Tiny shoulders of pigeon.
Now mobile phones play the flying machine,
Regardless any season!

We can communicate with anyone,
From anywhere and at any time,
Whatever is the reason,
Without limits on words,
Without restriction of region!

Phones have become a part of our bodies.
Now, to check phone every hour has become…
One of the top most priorities!

We carry mobile like a mother carries her child,
And keep safe with security code or password,
As if there is a hidden treasure inside!

Thanks to our mobiles,
For keeping the things organized.
Notes, contacts, reminders and tasks!
If we had to remember them all,
There would have been a pissing off blast!

Increasing use of online social networks…
Has reduced the meeting frequency,
It is personal life or professional works!

The meetings happen online these days.
The audio-video calls have come in fashion,
Shortening the distances of too long ways!

We jump on every message beep,
And get restless on alerting ringing tone!
Nobody can deny the strong addiction of a Mobile Phone!

There was a time when life’s biggest fear was falling hair!
Now losing your mobile is the biggest nightmare!

It is the companion of leisure hour,
It is not just a small device,
It’s the leader of revolutionary digital power!

Candy crush, subway surfers, and those block puzzles!
You love to cross their levels and enjoy overcoming all the hurdles!

Who can ignore these tempting mobile games?
You don’t even mind bothering your Facebook friends,
For earning your reward points and claims!

However, the most admiring feature remains,
Accessing offline and online music apps,
Which allow you to listen your favorite singer’s tracks!

You can dance on mobile songs’ beats,
Enjoy games and call a friend for the treat!
Through its calls we get many life motions!
This tiny device can fluctuate our emotions!
The most popular tech that has engrossed our lives to the bone!
It’s none other than our hand-buddy, known as Mobile Phone!


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