Eye Catching!

His eye, her eye!
Why numberless eyes chase your every action,
Why there are judgments?
Why so much competition?

eye catching running boy cartoon illustration by sneha
Eye catching boy!
Illustration: An eye chasing a running boy!

Eye Catching Us!

The pointless gossips and criticism on every try!
Why people can’t mind their own business?
Why do they scare others?
Why all the time they need to spy?

Mummy’s eye, daddy’s eye!
However old you have grown in life,
They are always there to keep an eye!

Uff, the pressure of world!
That everyone sees the best of you!
You can’t take that light at all,
The chasing eyes are never less or few!

However hard you try,
You can’t escape from being noticed,
You always need to be on toes,
To keep the things at place and fixed!

This eye catching behavior of humans is like an amazing game,
Sometimes you also want people to notice you,
It gives you a pleasure and a soothing feel of fame!
You give all your efforts to maintain your stardom,
You never want to look tame!

You get engrossed with every part of this ‘eye catching’ stuff!
How you look, how you talk, how you walk, how you eat,
You get all set to present yourself better, you do not mind to even bluff!
You remain conscious about everything,
From your dress to accessories to make up!

How to make the head turn,
How to catch his eye?
I always wear a pink,
Let me give blue a try!

She doesn’t look at me for once,
What is the rationale of donning any style?
Should I give some spike to my hair?
Would she then turn to give me a smile?

The catching eyes are strange in themselves!
Sometimes they annoy, sometimes give peace!
However, you want to escape or get noticed!
You need to pay its fees!

You pay through your annoyance, guilt, irritation or tears,
When some eyes interfere in your personal life, without your will,
You pay to shops, malls, parlors or salons,
When you want to grab the attention of eyes to fit the bill!

Let me give a life mantra today,
Try to apply it if you don’t want to pay!

Don’t get affected of any catching eye!
Do good and live quality for gathering your own smile!
When you live your best and love yourself,
The good reflects in your appearance!
Let people get tempted of your own beautiful, fragrance!


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