Apple Cake

Birthday, anniversary or any other celebration,
You are feeling happy or in mental tension,
A bite of cake is enough to grab,
Any one’s attention!

Apple Cake Cartoon illustration: A happy red apple with chocolate cake in hands

Illustration: A red apple enjoying with cake in hands!

Apple Cake!

With eating cake in celebrations,
One more custom is in tradition!
It’s doing facial of cake,
Before serving the slices on plate!

People love to decorate the face of the host,
Not with any make-up, but through cake’s upper frost!

It is the ultimate fun for the friends and the family!
This is akin to Indian festival of colors, everywhere known as Holi!
Though wasting a food item appears absolutely folly!

You are asked for first, second or third time to take,
You cannot deny how hard you try,
If it’s about a yummy bite of cake!

The variety of cakes,
Has increased these days!
Some cakes show the name,
Some cakes trace the face!

From base to top,
It tastes so soft!
From bread to cream,
It’s the dish of dream!

Whatever way it looks,
Whatever flavor it holds,
It owns just a base and icing,
Or it owns the layers of creams to unfold,
Every cake owns a by default trait!
A power that can tempt you,
A power to make you salivate!

Apple, pineapple, or delicious chocolate!
They all get even tastier,
After getting fused with any kind of cake!

It’s summer, winter, rain or fall,
You never need to care about weather,
It’s an amazing dish for all!

If you want to give a surprise treat to someone,
Cake is the safest dish to offer,
Everyone loves it whether a girl, boy, kid, or elder!

It clashes with your food plan or schedule of dieting,
Once you get a cake in front your eyes,
You just can’t stop yourself from eating!

Doesn’t matter it’s a chocolate cake or pineapple cake,
One start salivating as soon as it starts to bake,
Who doesn’t love to eat?
The all time favorite Apple Cake!


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