Calendar Girl!

year months days of calendar girl model cartoon by Sneha
Calendar Girl!

I’m a Calendar Girl!

My birthday comes on 1st January!
That day I become a part of your life,
Making you get rid of all reasons to feel dry!

Everyone celebrates my appearance in their life,
Some party with friends, some with family and wife!

The month goes swiftly,
Landing your life on February!

With turning my diary’s first page,
People change the month and date!

The same story happens from March to April to May,
Seasons change, so the living way!

They keep turning the leaves, thinking of destiny and their fate!
I indicate the rushing time, to give an update!

The fashion trends change, bringing new costume!
You just blink twice or thrice, and comes the month of June!

You see winter, summer rain and fall,
With turning the old sheets every month, one-by-one all!

July, August, September, October,
You walk in your life as cool as cucumber!

You realize the year is passing rapidly!
With November you get many new experiences,
Some happy, some sad, and some dreary!

You fill with mixed emotions!
You feel happiness for saying the coming year ‘Hi!’
And anxieties to pass a whole year in don’t know what and why!

You feel sentimental fluctuations deep-down in heart chamber!
I wait when you will bring in front, the year’s December!

I get my stardom for a year,
And then get my retirement!
Oh those twelve months and 365 days of glory,
And that sheer excitement!

People turn the last leaf too, unaware of life’s coming swirl!
There comes the time to bid farewell, giving me my last furl!
Those pages might get the bin of trash,
My posters might face the act of smash,
No one can avoid me, when I come in their memories,
My dates and associated incidents remain safe in histories!

You fire me, retire me, send me to bin or just furl!
You can’t remove my existence, I am calendar girl!


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