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Cheer Girls!

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cheering up drink glasses as cheer girls who are best friends forever cartoon by sneha
Cheer Girls!
Illustration: Tow happy cheering up girl glasses!

Happy Forever Cheer Girls!

Life is all about up and downs,
It offers flowers or thorns,
You have to wear that crown!

Some worry thinking of coming storms, avoiding the reasons to rejoice!
Some enjoy the low moments too, making them happy hours!
Some live their life in gloom, making their home those bars!

Some spend lives like they are the real Devdas,
Some walk ahead assuming thorns, worth-walking beautiful velvet grass!

If you take life as a bundle of complicated events,
You will always find it as burden of unbearable pains!

If you will take it easy and plain,
You will enjoy all the weathers,
It’s summer, winter, fall or rain!

Life is amazing, full of surprises and new excitements!
Be a sport! Take life events as the tasks of adventure lands!

Make new friends and one best buddy,
To share all moments, especially when weather is muggy!

I also have one!
To cheer with when life weighs a ton!

We don’t live together, but know about each other!
We share the joys, forgetting all the buggers!
We enjoy our soft drinks, accompanied with the burgers!

Happiness and sorrows are the parts of life, we don’t care about!
Whatever is the situation, we don’t forget to celebrate aloud!
We love every part of life swirls!
We are the happy forever Cheer Girls!


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