Car Pet!

A brown carpet near black car pet dog in red woolen winter cap cartoon by Sneha
Illustration: A grey-black car and happy pet dog in winter cap posing near a brown colored carpet!


When life seems boring,
You find your pet most adoring!

When you want some relax from life, going far,
Nothing can be soothing than a long drive in car!

When people give you hatred and betrayal,
These two companions play remedial!

One gives you love, another gives you kick,
No case of judgments, no game of trick!

It’s so easy to be with your loyal pal,
No hurts, no grudges, no tantrums like of a gal!

You can spend hours,
Listening music while drive on car!
If you choose your pet at home,
It never let you down or mar!

Last weekend I chose to spend time with these two,
Accompanied with my companion pet, I ignited my car and flew!

We reached a place that was calm and serene,
Filled with fresh air around, near a marine!

I and my pal played our favorite game ‘Catch and Run’!
I had to throw the ball, it had to find and return!

After enjoying a long sporty evening,
Near my car and dear pet,
I laid on ground, a brown colored carpet!
Now it was the time to relax and take a deep breath!

By sharing the joy and love with this loyal buddy,
I felt a different energy in me!
For every new challenge by life, now I was ready!

Holding my diary and a blue pen,
Thinking of the day, finding some new ways,
While sitting in lawn, looking at stars, I was giving a gaze!

And after couple of minutes all the thoughts faded,
I had just two lines to write, below are they which I added!

“No one can be a better companion, I bet,
You can’t prior anything than your car and adoring pet!”


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