Eye Phone!

Standing on a carpet in room, eye phone on apple iphone cartoons illustration by Sneha
Eye Phone!
Illustration:An Eye phone on apple iphone standing on a carpet in its room!

That First Time!

When your sister scarifies her topper for you fondly,
And your relation ripe beautifully, leading ahead strongly!

When your brother doesn’t spend his pocket money,
And buy branded goggles for you to save your eyes when the day in sunny!

When a girl passes his school and enters her college,
She prepares like getting ready for a voyage!

When a guy gets his first bike,
To impress his girl and take a hike!

When a father brings a present,
When a daughter longs to open that soon and swift,
And she gets a laptop in her birthday gift!

When for a girl, a guy rushes!
When a girl smiles back and blushes!

When a mother sees her baby girl cooking for her,
When a daughter finds her best friend in her mother!

When a man gets his first salary,
And that entire night people witness revelry!

When it’s first anniversary’s celebration bash!
And the guy feels numb while gazing at her stunning eyelash!

Freaking are those moments of every ‘first time’,
When your life seems in sync and in rhyme!

Who can forget that ringing tone?
When you had heard the sound of your first iPhone!

Life comes with many moments to cherish!
You get ample of opportunities to relish!
You get many reasons to feel sheer happiness,
Before your body starts to perish!

Ensure not to miss any chance,
Save some moments for yourself,
Never forget to hit the floor and dance!


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