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Cartoon Punch: Dare to think different! (Logo)

Cartoon Punch: Dare to Think Different!

Hello everyone, it’s me with some puns that are witty yet stupid,
What you will get here is single panel comic!

The idea is to think uniquely different,
It’s a cartoon channel for all, not only for kid!

Here you will see all those things alive,
Which coexist with you silently,
But never in between dive!

The plants, objects, veggies and tools,
Will turn alive and make your mood cool!

I have made them for you with deeper inspection,
And designed to bring joys, with minute observation!

To give them the final look and fill some glory,
My cartoons have dived into colors,
To tell you their unique story!

Some will find it too silly and like to blow their lid,
Thank God I am not on stage, but in orchestra pit!

Some will find it humorous, some will half-wit,
Dare to think different!
To enjoy the whole or a little bit!

It aims to collect your laughs and smiles!
And sometimes that “Huh?”!
It craves to fill some humor in your lives,
Through sharing the cartoons and poetic files!

Feel the liveliness of humor around thee,
It takes nothing to smile;
This healthy dose is absolutely free!

Every article will leave you with a funny roach!
To make you see your surroundings,
With a whole new approach!

Enjoy the mind boggling ideas, concepts and the emotions!
Relish all the brainy and some silly portions!

Here you are all the anthropomorphic cartoons in bunch!
Hope you will cherish couple of Cartoon Punch!

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