Rose Water

beautiful lady rose water bucket in garden cartoons by sneha
Rose Water!
Illustration: A rose lady welcoming water bucket shower in garden!

Beautiful Rose and Tempting Rose Water!

An old book’s brown pages,
That fancy cover with fringes!

A dry rose put years back,
Holding flashes of memories in book rack!

That rose speaks a lot, but don’t say a word!
It tells many stories, but never can be heard!

It captures your eyes, making an eye contact,
But does not see nor blink ever,
It neither holds nor reacts!

Its fragrance and shades, over the time fades!
But never go away, never say a bye!
It’s real tough to ignore, whatever hard you try!

One flower rich in beauty,
To please all is its duty!

Some love to adore it,
And let it grow in garden!
Some pluck and gift it,
When they want the pardon!

Some decorate their bows by tucking it!
Some find peace in its beauty,
Some go gaga over it!

Some find it apt to embellish their homes,
So, choose vase to place it!
It itself is so beautiful,
It wants nothing to further grace it!

You go miles to search, from dawn to dusk!
There is nothing to compete, it has that musk!

This flower has some charm,
It knows how to make hearts flutter!
It’s rose or the tempting fragrance of Rose water!
Who can ignore its splendor?


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