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various colorful all pins cartoon illustration by sneha
All Pins: Blue push pin, iron colored safety pin, red sewing pin, green paper pin, dark violet bobby pin, orange bun pin, pink clothes pin, black cotter pin
Illustration: Various colorful pins of different usage

All Pins

Sewing pin, paper pin, bobby pin or clothes pin,
There is some significance and rationale behind invention of all pins!
The same way we all are designed by the almighty!
We all are important and it is regardless to consider a group ‘high and mighty’!

This may be ambiguous to understand- the system of this universe,
And the manufacturing empire of humans!
Yet at the same time, they both are beautiful- the existent and its systems!
It is always fun to observe different traditions, lifestyles and customs!

After all we feel the same way; we share the same kind of sentiments!
Don’t we all ultimately just seek happiness and love in life?
Don’t we all want to be around our parents, kids and wife?

I wonder why people judge others from their clothes, colors or the God they believe in!
Don’t all the holy books guide that God is one and he has created we all…
And we all need to love and help each other with a genuine broad grin?

God has created humans, the way we invented different pins!
Humans look different in appearance, features, colors, skills and jobs!
So look the different colored pins; you can’t put any of them at bottom or top!

They all are imperative and we like them until they are helpful to us!
Their usefulness makes them beautiful, not the way they look!
Be kind and useful to others, if you also want your almighty to keep you in his good book!

Leave hatred, rage and ignorance,
Spread love, harmony and help the needy creature,
Watch your actions in the name of your creator!


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Day and Date of Publishing: Friday, April 14, 2017
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