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Face Book: About Facebook in Past!

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Face Book: A collection of cartoon face emotions in a blue colored book titled Facebook (Cartoons by Sneha)
Face Book: About Face Book in past!
Illustration: About Facebook in Past! Collection of faces in a blue colored book titled 'Face Book'

Title of Cartoon Illustration

Face Book: Database of facial emotions

Fun Story: About Facebook

Facebook is a well-organized database with collection of several faces in various kinds of expressions.


Facebook is created under theme color ‘Blue’. The Face Book cover is made of Dark blue color and the internal pages are made of light blue color. It appears simple, neat and beautiful in its design.


The side spaces of this book is called ‘wall’ and kept empty for ‘comments’ by other viewers. This book’s pages show humans donning different types and colors of clothing and styles, with different expressions and gestures.

Face Book is free to read and comment. It can be shared too, person to person. But due to its privacy protocol, you need to become a friend of the book holder, only then you will be allowed to read, share and comment.

If you like any face unusually, you can also draw a heart or thumps up sign.

Usage Warnings

Facebook is made for good purpose. It is to make others feel lifted through its good comments, allowance of drawing heart and thumps up sign. It indeed does not allow you to unlike too.

However it has its cons too. Its biggest drawback is its comment section. If someone comments negative and causes sadness to the reader, the book creator can’t help it.


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Category: Social Media Cartoon
Day and Date of Publishing: Saturday, November 12, 2016
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