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Sunflower: The Happy Attitude and Sun Flower

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sunflower: Sun waking on clouds in sky donning Sunflower and green boots cartoons by sneha
Happy Sun donning Sunflower!

Title of the Poem and Cartoon Illustration

Why the Sun Donned a Sun Flower?

Fun Poem: Sun Poem

The Sun is ready,
Rising today steady…

It has sprinkled some scent,
Something is surely different…

Is it because of the new green boots?
Which skin is lighter and laces are with darker hue…
It seems the Sun is on cloud nine, beautifully set to loot.

The sky is blue, the sight is cute,
Why the clouds making a path for it?
Why giving a salute?!

With all its gleam, and all its sparkle,
The Sun is giving to all, a strong startle.

The bright is brighter.
Its smile is wider.

When asked to Sun,
The secret of this fun…

It revealed the mystery of the joy shower,
The secret behind being on top of the tower…

It was its happy attitude that gave it the power;
This bliss was the reason behind donning a sunflower!


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Day and Date of Publishing: Sunday, November 13, 2016
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