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Ants Found Pond! (Celebration of Ants!)

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ants found pond in spilled glass water cartoon by sneha
Ants rejoicing seeing spilled water from a glass!
Illustration: Ants getting happy and rejoicing seeing water with different thoughts about spilled glass water- "water", "fall", "bath", "pond".

Poem Title : Celebration of Ants!

Poetic Fun Story

They had been wondering thirsty,
Walking on a path that was misty!

The long dire day was about to pass,
They searched for water from walls to grass!

All that they had was the barrel of hope,
Their spirits were higher, so they didn’t mope!

They kept probing the surfaces…
Finally, one saw some traces!

The joy mounted higher.
They were happy to be closer to their desire.

One danced, one ran,
As if it got the tires of van!

One made bathing plan,
It was time to remove the tan!
One thought they found a fall, so rushed. All the tiredness was till then flushed!

It was the time to rejoice,
Someone had heard the pleading voice!

The hour of fulfilling the wants,
How wonderful is this bliss!
And the Celebration of Ants!


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