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Wall Papers: Celebrating Wallpaper Day!

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Go green wallpaper cartoon by Sneha: Pinned wall papers on green wall
Go green! Let's celebrate the Wallpaper's Day!
Illustration:Pinned wall papers with green colored background

Celebrating Wallpaper Day!

Poem: The Happy Wall papers...

We work all day and night,
Many days go dark, then come one bright.

Why can’t we rejoice every day?
Why we take fright?

Let’s bring a difference!
Let’s make every moment light!

Why to wait for a festival or an event?
Let’s change our sight!

Forget all the tensions, forget your every foe!
Create your own occasions to remain happy,
If there is no reason to enjoy!

Do you want an idea?
Want a ride of joy?

I have arranged some sweets, cold drinks and wafers,
Celebrating today, the day of Wallpapers!

Join me and embellish your mobile, desktop and DPs!
If not heading for a big party,
Enjoy at home, sip some teas!

Change all your old, boring wallpapers,
Let your belongings take, some fresh, new breaths!

If it’s not your idea of joy, and you are not pretty keen,
How about bringing new color to home,
How about going Green?

Rope a new plant in your garden,
Get a company without being seen!

You have many walls to decorate,
Use your walls and pin some papers,
Or raise your voice and become a rapper,
How you do it, doesn’t at all matter!

The idea is to bring joyfulness!
The idea is to make better accommodate!
The idea is to just celebrate!


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