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GunPowder: Hate Story of Wood and Woodlouse

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A brown long gun's wooden part changing into powder making gunpowder. Gun cartoon saying I hate woodlouse. (cartoons by sneha)
Gun saying, "I hate woodlouse!"
Illustration: A long, old gun's wooden part changing into gunpowder!

Title of the Letter by Gun

Gun Powder: A Letter to Gun Maker

Letter by Gun to Its Creator

The WP Machine Gun 2589 Creator,

Subject: Torture of Woodlouses

Dear Creator,
It is to bring to your notice that me, WP (Water Proof) Machine Gun, usually kept in box no. 2589 is being tortured by a woodlouse. It is eating the wooden part too quickly and causing gun powder. Here, the threat of attack by other woodlouses is mounting every day.

The effects of rivalry between wood and woodlouse are well-known, yet the machines are not made with anti-woodlouse chemicals.

Kindly look into the matter and send to repair.

Thanks for making this series waterproof, and thus saving from the rust!

WP Machine Gun
Box No.: 2589


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