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YouTube Idea: A Success Story!

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U-tube gave YouTube idea: a success story cartoons by Sneha
YouTube Idea: A Success Story!
Illustration: U-shaped tube in left and YouTube logo in right with a hanging hat on one alphabet!

YouTube Idea: A Success Story!

U-Tube Gave YouTube Idea

Enjoy the success poetry of a singer who failed giving the auditions and later tasted success through uploading the cover songs on YouTube, which went viral!

Thinking of life, I slept last night,
Feeling the weight of broken dreams,
…and left behind sights!

It was the day of my singing audition,
I had prepared a song to give a rocking rendition!

The crowd was heavy!
It seemed the war had begun,
And we all belonged to navy!

I waited for a long,
But got nothing except to mourn!
The evening gave a force,
Now the doors had to close!

I came back to home.
Feeling the deadly hollow!
Slept holding the pain…
Pain of coming back to home,
Without giving my solo!

I woke up rubbing my eyes next day.
It was an ordinary morning.
I almost forgot about the yesterday,
Giving a sluggish yawning!

When headed to bathroom,
I had the flood on floor to wipe!
I immediately called a plumber,
To fix the leakage in pipe!

The plumber came and started doing his job.
I didn’t know he will become the man,
Who will take away my sob!

To reach at the higher wall, He stood on a cube!
And after some time he asked to me,
Do you have a U-Tube?

His question hit me hard!
As if I got a magic card!

I headed to backyard,
To bring him a U-tube!
And shouted their aloud...
"Yes I have the YouTube!"

I knew now where to put my song,
How to reach my audience!
One idea became the live wire,
The way it gave me radiance!

I again stood tall with a determination,
To make my mark, and to make my mention!

That song went viral,
Halting the journey that had begun with a U-tube!
This is my success story,
Featuring the YouTube!


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