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setting benchmark: brown bench mark cartoon by sneha
Illustration:A bench in garden with shocking expression because of getting a bench mark!

Benchmark: When a Bench Got a Mark!

Hi, my name is Bench Brown!
People call me just Bench in the town!

Sharing today my biggest story,
Before that day I owned the crowning glory!

What happened to me, which made a story?
Let me turn some pages back,
To find out that day,
From the gallery of my memory!

A lady had come with a huge gift,
Half-packed with a beautiful wrapper!
She seemed so sad that day,
Her nails were sharper than a dagger!

Usually she used to come with a Sir.
Today she was alone,
I made some space for her!

In heals, mini, and open hair,
The lady looked beautiful!
Sprinkling freshness to air!

All the attention, all the flair,
She was completely able to pull,
If anyone was there!

Her tears started rolling out,
She called her friend and spilled the beans,
She bent her neck on my back,
To relax and to lean!

Oh, that Sir had ditched the lady!
The crawls and mourns of her,
Made his image faddy!

I was just recalling the man and suddenly felt,
Something was crawling on me,
Giving me scratches and a paining welt!

The lady seemed me psycho,
I wish I could scold her,
I wish my voice could echo!
I got a lifetime mark,
As a token of her love story!

The lady would have got back her grace till now,
But took away my so charming glory!

I will never forget that lady,
Who came to give me a lifetime memory!
By sitting, carving, mourning on me,
And setting a benchmark!
However, I am okay, I am still the one and only,
The rest giver, the pride of this park!


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Day and Date of Publishing: Friday, November 18, 2016
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