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Watch Out!

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Watch out rocket fire behind red alarm clock cartoons by sneha
When the Watch Didn’t Watch-Out!
Cartoon Illustration: See how a watch came out of its shell when an uninvited cracker attacked it suddenly!

Watch Out!

Diwali is a festival of celebrations, happiness and lights.
It brings a barrel of crackers,
Twinkling sticks and splendid rocket flights!

Crackers, tiny lamps and electric wire,
They all flaunt the flames and the fire!
From younger to elders, all family members,
Everyone dons the brand new attire!

Some sticks the stickers, some use fast colors!
The floor wears the colorful art which is called Rangoli!
Some draw the patterns from the different colors of Holi!

The celebration starts with the worship and chants,
From fruits to sweets to incense sticks and the lamps,
Are decorated in a dish to offer the variety!
All things are put together to impress the deity!

Rich food is used this day,
To serve the stomach and to pray!

The homes and the town glitter with bright!
Some people choose to walk on streets,
For greeting others and to relish the sight!

Some meet relatives, some meet a friend,
This is an occasion when sorrows and sadness end!

Some enjoy food and sweets,
Some go to update and comment,
Some smile on tweets!

Some takes selfies,
Making a perfect pout...
Some say Happy Diwali!
Some say Watch Out!


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