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Brushing Teeth!

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A tooth brushing teeth with tooth brush in bathroom cartoon by sneha
Tooth brushing teeth cartoon!
Illustration: A brushing tooth holding a brush and enjoying the process of cleanliness!

Poem on Brushing Teeth!

The new ray of Sun has arrived,
A new day has begun!
I pray to God to let me survive,
And taste variety of food,
To relish and to have fun!

To sustain my whiteness,
Every morning I get back in harness,
To maintain the hygiene,
To maintain the cleanliness!

It is the time to shine,
And to make health fit and fine!
Whenever there is a smile,
It calls for my show time!

My favorite color is pink!
The same color is of my paste!
My favorite flavor is mint!
When I am with brush,
I don’t like to make haste!

The selfies feature me best,
Sometimes I am in limelight,
Sometimes I am on rest!
I afraid to get weak!
As I am the hero of all clicks,
I am to shine in every tweet!

I enjoy the process of gargling!
And the cleaning of upper and beneath!
To remain white and sparkling,
I am brushing teeth!


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