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Tomato Catch Up!

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Happy cricketer tomato catch up ball cartoons by Sneha
Tomato Catch Up!
Illustration:When a happy cricketer enjoys his wicket by catching the ball and the happiness climbs the mountains!

Story of a Happy Cricketer- Mr. Tomato

Whenever team gets to ball first,
Whenever bawler performs robust!

The pitch and ball’s twist and turns,
Attracts the all as they play the vital roles in runs!

We wish the ball never meets the boundary line,
It brings the silence and deep disappointment,
When fours and sixers bring a batsman’s time!
However this is the game, but what sucks even more is,
When the team gets a wide or no ball’s fine!

The eyes stick to ground,
And move with hope all around!

The stadium’s finely trimmed grass,
Witness the going crazy, shrieking mass,
Which celebrate each and every moment with forceful shout,
They seem to take double breakfast that day,
The way their voices raise aloud!

Every run increases the heartbeats,
When the decisions seem closer,
It gets tough to stick with your steady seats!
The entire nation unites and prays to the god,
The win is what for every soul pleads!

The growing fever of cricket,
Oh that excitement of first wicket!

Some draw on body,
The colors of their flag!
Some focus on taking selfies,
To later upload and flaunt the tag!

It’s burger or the wicket,
It doesn’t seem that spiced up,
Until and unless you find tomato catch up!

Cartoon Concept

'Tomato catch up' is a term that is used for a bottle of tomato sauce. The cartoon illustration shows the tomato catching up a red ball in his hand with happiness on its face.


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