Welcome! (Thirsty Man Goes to Well... Not Always!)

Once a thirsty man in search of treasure,
Donning a boot, a hat and blazer,
Taking the food, a map and all essentials,
Left the home to add some travelling credentials!

Well going to thirsty man in hat laying in desert with empty water bottle: Thirsty man goes to well cartoon punch (cartoons by Sneha)
Illustration: A man in hat laying on the desert land with empty water bottle and calling the well, "Hey Well, come!". A well is going to that man with water bucket to quench his thirst, replying, "Yeah, I am coming!".

Thirsty Man Goes to Well... Not Always!

Hey Well, Come!

After a long journey, leaving miles behind,
He reached a desert!
He hired a camel, to put his stuff on its hind!

A tremendous storm came,
Flying everything that existed there!
When it got calmed,
The man realized that the cupboard is bare!

He had nothing in hand now,
No food, no companion and no water!
All he could do then was,
Hopefully saunter!

The scorching hot of desert,
And the land that was rusty,
Had taken the man’s patience till then,
He was feeling damn thirsty!

There came a moment when he laid on the ground,
Probing his empty water bottle,
He had only his hat as crown!

Suddenly, the gleam of joy visited his eye socket,
When he saw a well coming to him with its small bucket!

The God had listened his each and every pray!
The well knew where the treasure was, so showed him the way!

He thanked the Almighty, to make him tasting the success!
He was on cloud nine now and ready to blow his own trumpet!

About Cartoon Illustration

It is the first cartoon post of Cartoon Punch. A cartoon on "Well Come" and a note of "Welcome" for all the viewers.

There is a famous saying in Hindi on thirsty man and well which says, “A thirsty man goes to well; well doesn’t go near a thirsty person.” The cartoon illustration is a twisted picture of that saying, conveying a friendly gesture ‘welcome'.


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