Pillow Fight!

Once there were two siblings,
Left at home by their parents alone!
They played several games together,
And watched cartoons of their favorite fawn!

Green and red Pillow fight with boxing gloves hanging behind in ring cartoon by sneha
Pillow Fight!
Illustration: Two pillows fighting and boxing with each other!

Pillow Fight!

They knew it was a great opportunity,
They thought to call a friend,
To make a superb trinity!

But calling a friend could reveal their reality,
That they were not studying,
And having fun in actuality!

They decided to enjoy together only,
To not call anyone and play at home lonely!

When they got tired of playing,
They decided to have a nap!
As soon as they reached the bed,
They started talking crap!

Their voices rose higher,
Fighting was their only desire!

One took his red pillow,
To fight with his dear fellow!

Another took his green pillow,
He was the younger,
So behaved a little callow!

One hit the cheek,
Proving another weak!

Another hit to perk,
Giving his fellow a jerk!

Suddenly they heard,
The ring of doorbell,
If their parents would have known about this fight,
They were going to badly yell!

The little kids showed some maturity,
They forgot the fights and toned voice textures!
They rushed to the mirror and managed their gestures!

One combed the hairs,
Another removed the cloth crumples,
One arranged the pillows,
Another removed bed rumples!

The frequency of door bells increased to high,
Kids rushed to door, taking a deep sigh!

Seeing parents right at door, they gave them a hug!
One gave a huge smile, another tried to tug!

Pretending everything fine at home,
And welcoming them!
They handled the situation pretty well,
Being absolute gem!

They rejoiced also for managing the things right!
Holding the parents too tight,
Cherishing the adventurous Pillow Fight!


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