Tube Light!

A girl was very creative!
Made to create imaginative!

Tooth paste tube light torch: Tube Light cartoons by sneha
Tube Light!
Illustration: A tooth paste tube is converted into Torch like Tube light!


Ready to help, ready to give!
She had no parents,
Nowhere to live!

She used to probe the garbage,
To collect waste material,
To collect every page!

She used to gather them to sell and burn,
Burn to remove the crap,
Sell to get some food in return!

There came a night,
A night of dark!
To sit under the lighting lamp,
She chose a park!

The gardener came,
And said her to leave,
The girl left the place,
Holding a great grieve!

On that way,
She saw a man with torch,
That small lighting instrument,
Gave her new approach!

Next day when she was collecting the waste,
What clicked her mind was,
An empty tube of tooth-paste!

She made the same torch, out of all the waste!
To fill her shade with light!
She didn’t know then,
The waste will make her future bright!

People kept bullying her,
She never complained ‘Why’!
All she wanted to think of now,
Were her projects of DIY!

People kept giving her rockets,
She never minded,
Just focused on her DIY Projects!

Soon she succeeded, Proving others empty-headed!

She revealed in her interview,
After reaching to unimaginable height!
Her life’s turning point was,
The invention of a Tube Light!


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