Bubble Gum!

Mom scolded tight,
Or chosen line was not right!

Bubble Gum inflating bubble balloon from chewing gum cartoons by sneha!
Bubble Gum!
Illustration: Bubble Gum chewing bubble gum!

Bubble Gum!

Different Takes on Life Problems!

Bad results of maths,
Or blues of heart breaks!

Wrong wardrobe selection,
Or high heals are tension!

Messed are clothe- racks,
Or critics gave bad rates!

The boss has ruined the mood,
Or crisis with share stakes!

Sucked of other’s hates,
Or have problem that world is fake!

How do you cope up?
What is your take?
When relations piss you off,
You go for patch up or a break up?

When get mood swings visit your brain
What you do to perk up?
How you deal to lighten up?

When asked someone on Facebook,
What others replied, take a look!

I go to gym, to drain my tensions with sweat!
I pick up guitar, to skip my fingers on fret!
I prefer the music, rock with rocking beat!
I visit my friend, to give him surprise treat!

I prefer the Yoga, try to improve my health!
I go for shopping, try to loose some wealth!
I enjoy a trimming, flaunt my new hairstyle!
I choose the cleaning, mop all roof tiles!

People take different options,
Tag others in pics, with real weird captions!

Some shriek out and some hum,
Some spit out, some chew chewing gum,
When life turns serious and tensions come,
While some see nothing better than a rum,
A Bubble Gum inflates another bubble Gum!


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