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Home Town!

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winter snow fall on colorful homes and huts near river and snow mountain: Home Town cartoons by sneha
Home Town!
Illustration:Snowfall on homes in Home town!

Dear Home Town!

We get bored of our life,
The daily machinery jobs are damn rife!
The walls of home seem so plain,
The charm of home starts to drain!

We feel like going out…out of the shell,
“I just want to breathe free”, our hearts loudly yell!

We take our cloths and prepare our bag,
We head for going out and to get rid of the lag!

While picking the auto,
The hurry involves an excitement!
Our mobiles remain ready for a photo,
Every scene looks like giving you a complement!
The heart seems more synced with our temperament!

The window of that train shows different face of nature!
Everything that passes through, you just want to capture!

The passing trees seems running in a race,
The air make your hair locks visit your own face!

What bliss!
What bliss!

The travel becomes a beautiful journey!
To feel that different feel,
It seems worth to spend all the money!

Our heart runs amuck to chase…don’t know what!
The desert looks cool, the snow seems hot!
Whatever location you choose, every place hit right chord!
After a long tedious day, all you want is to collapse on your cot!

One day to one week!
Everything appears exactly what you wanted,
It soothes you, making you feel mild and meek! Soon you realize,
Your world has left behind!
Your old life seems reality,
You start missing that daily grind!

Every destination lack something,
You go London, America or Cape Town!
There is some magnificent charm,
In your own Home Town!


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