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Error in Typing!

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Error in Typing illustration: Laptop, file, pen, mobile, specs, pen box, and coffee mug on office table cartoons by sneha
Typing Error!
Illustration: Office stationary and personal stuff on table!

Error in Typing!

As soon as it’s 9:00 AM in clock!
The rush increases in every building block!

Some remember bus or train, some visualize shouting boss!
People rush here and there, to reach at office as soon as poss!

The employees punch their finger prints,
And get ready to perform in the rings!

The growing competition keeps all on toes!
Whatever is the target, no place for noes!

There rises, the fight of better,
Everyone runs to get appreciation letter!

In such scenario at a publishing company,
The boss came with new project,
Singing the same symphony!

We need to take our venture to next level!
Make our write ups without any error!

The files were prepared with red-marks in the writing!
The master file was sent to boss, with title “Error in Typping”!

The boss got happy with all extra efforts,
And send with the remark improve “Error in Typing”!

The employees probed the file minutely,
When didn’t find scope of improvement,
Went to the boss to ask cutely!

Where is the error sir?
When error is playing hide and seek, how to stir?

The boss chuckles with a raised eyebrow,
Relaxed everyone, removing the sorrow!

He unveiled the mistake was not inside the file, so no need to gaze!
It was the title only, mentioned on the cover page!

The file is good, perfect in the writing!
There is just one extra ‘p’,
In spelling of ‘Typing’!


Office table Cartoon, Cartoons of stationary items, Cartoon Punch, mobile, laptop, specs, pen, coffee mug with refreshment, pens in pen box, boss and employees, journalism, writing, typing and editing, proofreading, corrections, errors, mistakes

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