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Sand Witch Likes Sandwich!
Sand Witch Likes Sandwich!
Illustration: A still sand witch portray looking at flying witches with weird expressions!

Sand Witch Likes Sandwich!

There was an artist, who used to carve sand,
He was too good in his job,
He had some magic in his hand!

His sandcastles and fictional stories,
Had power to give goosebumps through,
Happiness, sadness, excitement or shivery!

He used to travel around,
To make his name through his art on ground!

People used to wonder seeing his unique talent,
And used to give him money,
To bring some entertainment!

He had no other job to survive!
His art was his life,
And only source to stay alive!

There came a day,
When he got nothing to eat!
Sitting near clay,
He hoped to have a treat!

Roaming his hands on clay,
Craving for hopeful ray!

Without any clear idea, he started making something,
To pass his boring hour and in hope of earning!

He didn’t know what will come out,
As it completed, he got a fearful shout!

He was a kid, who had come to play with his dad,
When his dad saw the clay art, he found that real rad!

It was a pottery, looking like a witch!
The artist elaborated saying his story…
Sand Witch likes Sandwich!

The story impressed both father and son,
The sunset indicated it was time to run!

The man was a business tycoon, who had a name in entire town,
He praised for his art and persona, which he found high-flown!

Before heading to home,
The man gave him his visiting card,
To join his office for decorating the yard!

He invited the artist for job offering handsome salary!
He wondered how he found a name through,
An exaggerated Sandwich story!


Sandwich Cartoon, Sand witch Cartoon, sand art, Punch sand witch cartoon,

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Category: Horror Cartoon
Day and Date of Publishing: Sunday, November 27, 2016
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