Window Shopping!

It’s summer, winter or spring time, doesn’t matter what is the season!
If you want to go for shopping, you make thousands of reasons!

Purchasing bags carrying girl and boy window shopping cartoon near vehicle, mall, market
Window Shopping!
Illustration:A window girl and window boy heading towards their vehicle (scooter) near market, carrying shopping bags in both hands!

Fever of Shopping

The day of getting salary,
Or it’s wedding anniversary!
A festival is about to come,
Or you have to make welcome!

A new fashion trend is going viral around!
Or someone has thrown a party to celebrate,
And you want to purchase a beautiful evening gown!

As soon as you enter your favorite market!
Your eyes start to gleam, focusing on your target!

It’s never tiring to walk in a mall,
Shopping is always bliss, you purchase big or small!

You get indeed happier, when you win in bargaining!
This is the only skill on this earth,
Which you get yourself, without training!

Buying something at your wished price,
Is not less than a victory that calls for rejoice!

If you are a guy, you worry about money,
You want to make a deal considering economy!

If you are a girl, you love all the deals,
You can run for miles, even in high heels!

If it’s a sale and you save some bucks,
You talk about it as you have reached the pinnacle!
Until you reach near your vehicle!

As you reach at home, with overloaded bags,
You hurriedly try your new dress, without removing the tags!

You are a shopaholic or not,
To shop around is as dear as that pizza topping!
Who doesn’t like in throughout the world,
To roam and enjoy, the hours of window shopping!


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