Cat Eye Glasses

It resembles to those cat eyes’ shape!
And looks classy in its own way,
Doesn’t matter you wear on jeans, skirt or have got a sari to drape!

Cat Eye Glasses cartoon illustration by sneha
Cat Eye Glasses
Illustration: A cat eye glasses lover!

Cat Eye Glasses

This trendy style of vintage eye glasses is highly sought after these days!
And why not, from Bollywood actors to business tycoons,
There is a line of trendsetters who are there to brace!

Some don to flaunt! Some grab to follow their idols!
Some wear to make them the envy of their rivals!
Some bring to make them a piece of their shelf!
Some admire the style itself!

Anyone can enjoy a new look with it!
One of the most essential fashion accessories,
Eye glasses can change your look completely,
It’s not one of those personal territories!

They had reached at peak popularity…
From Audrey Hepbum’s look in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany's’!
This film had released in 1961,
Which ‘Moon River’ song came into light as one of the award winning symphonies!

Then they spiraled engaging all the fashion designers,
Ah that race of figuring out the most creative piece with jewels and rhinestones!
About one decade remained pretty challenging for all the creators!

But whatever soars, has to see the fall also one day!
The same happened with the fashion of cat eye glasses during early 1970’s!
However its journey was memorable, which had started during 1950’s!

They came back to become the talk of town!
And gave many that fiercely fabulous look!
Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe to Grace Kelly!
Many iconic Hollywood stars joined the line, slinging any other hook!

Yes, many became loyal catty eye lovers, many influenced their fans!
It worked like magic; and such spectacles witnessed the grand gathering of their clans!

Those who have got diamond or square faces!
Those who love a retro style with soul and heart!
And many more with even different taste,
Enthusiastically added cat eye glasses in their shopping cart!
1950’s, 1960’s, or mid 20th century!
Both cat eye sunglasses and eyeglasses have ruled like a king!
Giving an elegant, sophisticated and vaguely exotic hint!

Even if their trend falls in coming days again!
People will still bring them back in vogue soon!
They know very well the secret of how to be on brain!

Their temptation is like that, which can’t be ignored!
However long you see them in trend, you do not get bored!


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