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Playing Myself: A Drum on Inside Drummer's Beat

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Playing myself: Cartoon illustration of a drum on inside drummer's beat
Playing Myself: A Drum on Inside Drummer's Beat!
Illustration: Mr. Drum playing itself!

Playing Myself: The Story of a Drum on Its inside Drummer's Beat

Hi, I am Drum Black!
Every day I see people enjoying on my beat!
It gives me kick when I witness, the way they move on it!
Those who like rock genre, for them my presence is a treat!

People sing with me, dance on me!
Seeing them happy is sweeter than honey to me!
I love the crowd around!
Oh, I damn love that foot-tapping surround!

When those neon lights are off,
When all the humans see me off,
And spend their most lazy hours!
When the venue see emptiness,
And empty get those cookie jars!

I play the audience and also a drummer!
It is as pleasant as letting that drizzle shower on your face after summer!

I enjoy myself playing the hero!
My hands madly dance like billy-o!

I play myself and hit my favorite beats!
Those are MY moments, MY show-time!
This time I play a musician in my prime!

It is fun when I feel no pressure of perfection!
It is that time when I don’t need to work on grabbing anyone’s attention!

Yes, it is for me only!
This is why I like these moments the most when I am lonely!

I can be mild or wild with it!
I can perform whatever way I like it!

Jhik jhik chak!
Tic tic tak!
Yoo-hoo! Yoo-hoo!
Jhik jhik chak!

I wish I could make it a never-ending series!
I feel like enjoying it for years continuously!

It is not just about taking up the slack!
It is bliss, the way the piece approaches the ears…
And goes down the heart for reaching to the soul!
It is indeed interesting the way it veers!

I feel such pride doffing my hat to myself!
And enjoy cherishing later inside me,
The beautiful, blissful, and sparkling memory-shelf!


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