Floppy Disk

Floppy disk cartoon illustration by Sneha cartoosnist
Floppy Disk
Illustration: A floppy disk in which many floppy girls and guys are dancing on music mixed by VJ!

Floppy Disk of Brain Clutter!

Too many faces and bodies on floor,
When dance with rhythm to enjoy and soar,
The madness and fire make the air wild,
You hit it forgetting yourself like a child!

The walls of disk witness a different thee!
It catches you melting your worries and flee,
From all that professional pressure,
And that fake you inside the couture!
From all those heat rashes of personal conflicts,
And that miserable you, a depression addict!

Yes, for a change you get to flaunt your own, real move!
But does it allow the real you too, to come in light,
And get rid of the state of being stuck in a groove?!

Does it give take away the worldly stuff completely!
Can it keep them far from you, strictly?

Does it erase the clutter from one’s memory drive?
Does it rephrase the complex thoughts and make one thrive?

No, it can’t give you that sheer peace!
It can’t convert those crumples of soul into the fine-lined crease!

All that dark inside and out doesn’t leave you fully!
It’s just for some moments of diversion,
Not a solution that can ease you well and truly!

Then where to find the peace?
Where to get that grease?
How to keep at bay,
All those loose-ends and squeaky wheels?!

So many scattered issues and collapsed strong-walls,
Too much dramas and too long falls!

Where to achieve an ever-lasting joy?
How to smite your biggest foe?

The answer is, “Inside you, through spirit”!
Find the solutions from within, in light!
Take help of your instincts coming through your soul!
Holding hands of your God, tight!

Let you be brave and forgive others!
Let your floppy disk of brain be clean and forget the clutters!

Take a deep sigh and gather the frail bones!
Heal them through love for others and yourself!
Replace the books of grudges with harmonizing tones!
Feel good about the arrangements of god and your new shelves!

Enjoy not just in a disk, but in every moment!
Let yourself get relieved in the Almighty, from the years of torment!

Collect good memories to cherish and store in your floppy drive of brain!
Do good to have good; never go against the grain!


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