Glass Door

Glass door cartoon illustration by cartoonist Sneha
Glass Door
Illustration: A glass of water has a door of glass!

Glass Door of Heart Chamber!

I wish the way to someone’s heart could have a glass door!
We could see through it and know more!

We could go inside and reside or not,
But could know their feelings about us, and see their every thought!

We could know how they think about us!
And could get rid of all the complexities by clearance, thus!

In fact, there would have no existence of a lie!
Because all would have known that anyone can see the truth through that glass door!
So trying the tricks of twist would be a waste idea to try!

All the facts could enjoy the light of truth!
They could live without a veil and reveal themselves out of a secret booth!
They could breathe in every air,
Without hiding them in too many layers!

When I see others talking in polished language,
Wrapping their truths in a layered words-luggage!
I wonder how they manage to weigh such excess baggage!

When I see too much decoration in and out,
And sometimes too much of fancy,
I kinda crave for the reality and a thorough transparency!

The truths reside in between too many coats!
What we get to see is ‘all is beautiful’!
How brazenly and proudly, a strong lie floats?!

Sometimes I find it fussy, the way the truths struggle!
How wickedly people change those expressions!
How easily they manipulate and juggle!

However, A heart can never be read and is a secured personal space,
Here no thought lapses or sinks without a trace!

It is a tightly secluded, hidden chamber with thick colored walls,
That protects many good and bad experiences and memories!
I know ‘Glass Door’ is one of the fake theories!

But still, some relations are so sweet!
They get you hear even those short tweets!
They don’t keep lies and secrets hidden inside!
You get to breathe with them only freshness and purity in every ride!

They keep no wall, no door!
All you get to see is light around their chamber,
Doesn’t matter you see their heart’s roof or floor!

Perhaps that’s why the relationships are given different names,
Because their limitations and boundaries are different,
Which change the equations and the rules of the games!

Thanks to the creator for we have some relations where there is no fakeness around!
The glass door exists in such cases, and that too opened, and the relationship is very sound!

These relationships make us live easy!
And let our days be flowing and breezy!


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