Paper Weight

Paper weight cartoon illustration by Sneha cartoonist
Paper Weight
Illustration: A dog-tired paper holding weight in hands in backyard!

Paper Weight

Once when I was writing about life, the paper felt too much weight!
It appealed to stop writing the twists, and keep the matter straight!

I wondered how to write life without twists and turns!
How to detail it with one mood, when it has many hues of both bliss and burns!

When you hold too many emotions in life and feel differently,
How to describe all those flavors similarly!

The paper asked wondering…
How do we humans manage to manage so much of drama?
How do we solve its puzzles and tough equations involving alpha, beta, and gamma?

I also wondered how do we do it?!
I also grumbled why we go through complexities?!

Joy, sorrow, grudges, ignorance, shocks, sadness, rage, and so on..
Too many expressions to manage and control!
The search for happiness around seams,
A never-ending chase! A never-ending troll!

I said to my paper, yes it is too heavy to bear the weight alone,
That’s why I share it with you by lodging in you, my thoughts’ clone!

I find you loyal to keeping my stuff safe in your refuge!
Oh, the help you do to me this way is huge!
You unburden me for a while, from all the mess and litter!
Oh, so sweet of you for making me feel lighter!

The revelation of weight-facts was astounding!
It was an eye-opener for indeed both!
Yes, we actually weigh more than what we generally imagine!
We take heavy credence without thinking about the extra load that later becomes irritating!
How beautifully we never refuse any luggage to board in our train!
I noticed first time- the strength, power, and capacities of human heart and brain!

The issues keep coming and let us blunder,
Sometimes we manage; other times we fall!
Sometimes we ignore; other times we crawl!

Whenever we hear a clap of thunder,
Sometimes we shout back to reply; other times we cry!
Sometimes we wrap our ears in cotton wool,
Other times for finding solutions, we give it a try!

However, more the troubles come, more we become rum!
We remain true to only our dear diaries!
We keep increasing that paper weight!
For remembering those all good and bad memories’ exact date!

A day comes when we find nowhere to hide them!
They end up giving us an overflow of emotions!
Leaving us behind with a state of distortion!
We find ourselves no more the original, real us!
In an exhausted condition, we kick up a fuss!

The life leaves us appalled,
But we are blessed with the spirits!
We deny the world to lose and instead prefer to stand tall!
We plead to the Almighty that we badly want to get rid of all!

And a moment of grace comes when we break all the bondages!
The inside ignited-fire burns all the dire and rage!
And we set ourselves free from that inertly closed cage!

What remains there is the waste of ash!
We let it also flow out with that black ink on paper!
Sometimes we keep those write-ups safe and increase the paperweight!
Other times we use them to vent only and then mash!


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